Hacking a Morton system to cut strips of glass

Hack your Morton Cutting System to cut strips faster! It's no secret that I love strip construction projects. What you may not know is that it used to take me hours to cut strips using my Morton System. Don't get me wrong, I love my Morton System. It gives me a nice straight and accurate cut just about every time. It just takes a long time to cut a large pile of 1/4 " or 3/8" strips because I have to measure and set up the system for every half cut. It's time consuming. 

I kept thinking that there must be a better way to cut strips using the system that I already have. That thought just rolled around in my old (and getting older) brain for a long time. Then one day I had an AHA! moment and "P00F" I hacked my Morton System and am now able to cut strips in no time at all. How much faster is it than the old way? It would have taken me more than an hour to cut 30 1/4" x 10" long strips and I can now do that many in about 10 minutes. Yes that's right. 10!

I'll bet you're just itching to see how it's done so you can speed up your cutting, too! Just click on the video below and I'll show you 2 different ways!

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